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Run by California steeler Bobby Lee, this incredible site should be any player's first stop- here's where pros and amateurs alike gather to share information, buy and sell gear, and support and promote all kinds of steel guitar. If I'm not on the road, I visit every day. Stop by the CD catalog for great reviews of our work on the Blueground Undergrass CDs. Thanks b0b!
There are a number of great sites to visit for pro or aspiring steel players and fans. Here are a few of my favorites ~ Just click on the links in yellow. Enjoy the ride!
Faceplace, Mybook, it takes me a while but I try to keep up. C'mon by and friend me.
Have been kind enough to give me an Artist Endorsement- I've been a rabid Peavey equipment user for many years. They make some of the best production line gear out there for the Steel Guitar. Currently my rig includes a Trans-Tube Fex, Black Widow Speakers, Nashville 1-12 amps , their classic VMP-2 preamps in the studio, and other stuff. Go here to find out about everything they make. Great Folks too!
The first stop for many internet steel shoppers, Dewitt Scott and his clan have been the best friends the Steel Guitar World has had for many years! Besides having one of the oldest "all Steel" stores, mailorder and internet catalogs available, Scotty puts on the International Steel Guitar Convention every year in St. Louis. Just the biggest, baddest, best steel show ever. My deepest personal regards go to Scotty as well for helping me out so selflessly when I first started out!
My other half Fran has dragged me kicking and screaming into cyberville by talking me into the MySpace experience~ so if I have to hang out there maybe you should too. Never enough friends, right?
Frenchy Messier has one of the best mail-order Catalogs out there for steel guitar and related products, all the latest recordings and great prices. Stop in here and ask for a catalog, tell him I sent you! He also stocks my CD Lesson series and Blueground Undergrass CDs!
Until his untimely passing a few years ago, Jeff Newman was considered the pre-eminent Steel Guitar Instructor.  Back in 1975 I attended his first Advanced/ Teachers Steel College in Nashville, and it was one of the best things I ever did for my playing. Jeff's courses and DVDs skip the heavy theory and cut right to the bone of what to do and how. I can't recommend his stuff highly enough!
Here's the Web Site for Breezy Ridge Instruments, home of John Pearce Strings, Steel Guitar bars and loads of other good stuff. I'm thrilled to have an artist endorsement with these fine folks- great strings and their revolutionary "Thermo-Cryonic" stainless steel bars are really great! Lots of stuff here for every kind of instrument.
Shane's an amazing singer/songwriter, a great guy with great tunes, and one of my favorites to gig with.  His site is chock full of samples from his new CD, as well as "Moodswing Halo", which he recently co-produced with me here at Music Farm Studios. Check out some of these and let us know what you think!
Back in my first band on Pedal Steel, the second song I had to learn was "Panama Red". Trying to even keep up with Buddy Cage when you've only been playing a week is a daunting task- and he's still as innovative and smokin' as ever. These days, Buddy's spending a lot of time on tour with the reformed New Riders Of The Purple Sage, and they're still knocking audiences out. Classic country- rock to the bone. Buddy and I have shared stages many times over the last few years, and he's still a giant inspiration to me as he is to so many other players!
I had a great time as bandleader for SUGARLAND... In the "early days" featuring the stellar vocals and great songwriting of Jennifer Nettles (Soul Miner's Daughter, Jennifer Nettles Band), Kristen Hall, (Toured with Indigo Girls), and Kristian Bush (Billy Pilgrim). Along with a killer rhythm section, (Simone Simonton , Clay Cook, and Bret Hartley), it was a steel players dream gig.  Although neither the current lineup nor the website reference those early "roots",  it's facinating to see where they've gone.
Another of the fine manufacturers who've been so generous to give me a product endosement, Gary custom makes one of the nicest "steels" or steel guitar tone bars I've ever seen. Custom made to measurements of your hand, his wooden topped stainless bars literally fit like a glove, and use the most beautiful exotic woods and finishes. He'll customize them any way you like, with sharp edges for modern reso styles, or bullet noses for more traditional lap or pedal steel playing. Once you get your hand on these, you'll never want another bar!
I met Clay while we were both in the original incarnation of Sugarland, where he knocked me out with his bass playing and killer vocals. I've since come to know him as one amazing renaissance man, laying it down on keys, drums, guitars, mandolin, steel... with anybody and everybody. Check his site for his touring schedule with Zac Brown, Marshal Tucker Band, Shawn Mullins, but don't miss his solo shows. Incredible!
The undisputed Master of touch and tone on the Reso has a great site with lots of information on his many audio and video courses as well as a great buy and sell page. Lots of folks don't know that Mike's also a very accomplished Pedal Steel player.  I'm very proud to be able to call this humble genius a friend.  Aspiring dobroists NEED to check out his teaching courses!
The fine folks at CARTER built several of my stage guitars over the years, and also had the best "nuts and bolts" information site around- really excellent support for beginners to pros. Sure wish this had been around when I started! Even though the company went out of business with the passing of steel guru John Fabian, the current site still provides those wonderful support links for steel owners everywhere.
Really great site by Brad Bechtel loaded with info on players, history, tunings, and lots of other great links. A great place to learn about players, instruments, and recordings you might not have heard of.
My old pal Larry has a really great site, chock full of nice stuff, particularly handy beginner's info and some great stuff about home recording. We both started out playing right around the same time in Kalamazoo and used to swap bands just to keep 'em confused... or was that to keep us confused? He was a monster player back then and he still is.  Be sure to check out his great CDs!
Nice, crazy, question-and-answer forum featuring Jerry's fans and friends with occasional visits from the Dobro King himself discussing all aspects of resophonic lap style guitars. Some real Kooks here always makes for fun browsing!
Listing by state and country of many of the world's steel guitarists, with contact and equipment information. Hey, I'm on there, so they must be on the ball...
Ok, so I used to think that the whole "relic" guitar thing was silly...  until I got my hands on a Nash.  Bill makes exacting replicas, then breaks them in so you feel like you're playing the guitar your favorite uncle dragged through the clubs for 40 years and then handed to you. Inspiring and toneful, I've got a smokin' Tele and a Strat just for the studio. Amazing.
There are several masters of resophonic guitar lutherie today- And Paul Beard is at the top of the heap. Master players like Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas choose Paul to build their babies.  I'm currently playing a sweet Beard Road-O-Phonic, a tasty short-scale model, on stage.  Be sure to check out the "Resophonic Outfitters" link for strings and accessories.
I've played many brands of Pedal Steel Guitar over the last 30 years~ but Jeff Surrat's outstanding creations are my current favorite. The marriage of tone, action, slick mechanics and stunning physical beauty are just what I'm looking for in an instrument. Did I say they're gorgeous?  I'm currently playing the very inspiring #39 as my main stage guitar.
Just as with pedal guitars, I've played many brands and styles of resophonic (dobro) guitars.  I'm completely enamored with my Wechter-Sheerhorn Rob Ickes model. Like many builders, Wechter has the bodies built in Asia and does the all-important setup here.  For tone, action, and volume, this one leaves the higher-dollar custom guitars I've owned in the dust.
Click on the reso picture to find out more about this incredible guitar.
Speaking of... Here's number three in my triumvirate of the top players in reso-world. Rob is an amazing stylist, with taste, tone, speed, and compositional skills to spare.  Particularly impressive is his ability to play so creatively in any key without a capo.  Special thanks for prodding Wechter to import the affordable and so-satisfying Rob Ickes model!
Jimmy's not just an incredible reso player, he's a WORLD CLASS instructor. Any aspiring dobro player should get all of his available  instructional material.  He's given several great 3-day seminars here at Music Farm Studios, and the attendees are still telling me how much they learned.  Miss one of his seminars at your own risk!
Brian is one of my favorite studio clients and acoustic jamming buddies. Check in here for his new CD "Courier", which we recorded and co-produced here at Music Farm Studios.  And look for his live shows, where you may find me sitting in with Brian and Tish on Dobro.  With songs from the CD finding spots on P.B.S. and independent films, who knows where Brian's music will end up!
One of my favorite artist endorsement connections is with true gentleman Jerry Wallace, who winds the BEST single coil pedal steel pickups made. It's a tricky thing, but he makes 'em sing!  I've had them in several of my stage and recording guitars.
Ernie Renn has done a fantastic job with the official site for the man many refer to as the "Master of Masters"- Big E himself. Loads of information, photos, Licks and lessons, and a great "Ask Buddy" section. Super Site!
Here's the homepage for my pal Jan Smith's vocal coaching and training studios. She's the best in the biz with clients as diverse as Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Usher, Sevendust, India Arie, and many more- besides being one of my favorite people on the planet. If your singin' could use a tune up- check her out!
the internationals facebook
One of my two current main bands, these guys are as good as it gets in modern country music.  Really great songwriting, amazing musicianship across the board, and honestly the nicest bunch of guys anyone would ever hope to play with.  I love this band! Recently signed to Athens, Georgia's Chromatone Intermedia Records, look for our first record in the spring!
St Francis
I have a second home in Athens these days thanks to these fantastic musicians and wonderful folks.  Some of the most creative, original rock music you've ever hear, played with grace and taste. I relish every show I get to play with this incredible band! Keep an eye out for a brand new release from Chromatone Intermedia Recordings!
Another of the great products I'm thrilled to use and endorse, Keith Hilton's fantastic volume pedals are reliable, smooth, and last forever. No more strings and pots  to replace!