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SIT E9 Pedal Steel Guitar Strings~
Some of the finest strings made for the Pedal Steel Guitar~ SIT Buddy Emmons Signature Series Strings. E9th Chromatic Tuning~ Gauges .012 .015 .011 .014 .018 .022P .026W .030W .034W .038W Full set in poly pack~ $12.95 incl. shipping
SIT C6 Pedal Steel Guitar Strings~
The same super quality Buddy Emmons Signature Strings for the C6 Pedal Steel tuning~ Gauges .017 .014 .018 .022P .024W .030W .036W .042W .054W .068W  Full set in poly pack~ $13.95 incl. shipping
DEAN MARKLEY E9 PEDAL STEEL GUITAR STRINGS~ Great set for all-around E9 styles- Stainless Steel- Gauges .012, .015, .011, .014, .017, .020P, .026W, .030, .034, .038 Full set in Poly Pack $11.95 incld. Shipping
After a lot of searching I've found the perfect lap steel gig bag!  Very tough attractive water-repellant exterior, re-inforced edges and binding, tough sewn-in handles with velcro retainer, extra padding and support at headstock, tuner area, bridge and guitar bottom. Twin zipper closure, large outside pocket and included shoulder strap. Interior measurments: 34 1/2" long, lower bout 13" wide, upper bout 11" wide,  neck portion 6" wide. There is some flexibility for slightly larger instruments- but this is an EXACT perfect fit for the Oahu Tonemaster, Supros, Melobars, and many other lap guitars. Will also fit Taylor Baby size guitars, Baritone Ukes, etc.  Check your guitar's measurements- these are super hard to find, and this is  the nicest gig bag type case I've ever found. Absolutely top quality. A bargain at $49.95 plus shipping.
Planet Waves Pedal Steel Bar~ Extremely nice steel for pedal or lap steel gutiar- 7/8" diameter by 3 5/8" length, weight 9 ounces. Centerless Ground STAINLESS steel, hard chrome plated to perfect brilliant finish. 20RA finish will not chip, flake, or rust. Includes innovative scew top carrying case, and booklet with tips and ideas from Bob Brozman. Label states "Lap steel Guitar", but at this size and length it would be more suited for Pedal Steel or an 8 string lap steel. $29.95 includes shipping.

Beware of! Stickers~ Great "Warning" stickers for your case, Pack-a-seat, bumper- anywhere you need people to watch out for the steeler! "Warning! Beware of the Steel Guitar (or Dobro) Player" on high quality, high visibility 2"x 3" vinyl stickers. Fade resistant, last for years! Great stuck on an old Altoids box to make a nice pick holder.Sale Price: Either one, $2.25 with $0.45 shipping, Free shipping with any other order. -
Riser Nut for Lap Style Conversion~ The ultimate easy tool for getting into lap style guitar playing.  This universal riser nut just slips over the top nut on a standard guitar to convert it for raised-string lap steel play. A great way to experiment with lap styles, or to see what great tone an unused guitar might have with a bar!  Works on acosutic or electric guitars. $6.50 includes shipping
I've watched my musician friends struggle with taxes and the IRS for many years, and seen many not taking all the deductions they can, or keeping the records they need. Although not an accountant, I've been doing my own taxes for years, and keeping up with the changes and rules that affect musicians, artists, and other self-employed people.

I've put together a talk type course on 2 CDs- "Taxes for Musicians and the Self-employed" loaded with tips, tricks, list of the records you'll need to keep, and a step-by-step trip through all of the forms we need to fill out to get the proper deductions and set ourselves up for next year.
I really think this will be a big help to anyone struggling with their own taxes, or give ideas for you to take to your accountant to make sure you get all your proper deductions. Over 1 1/2 hours of instruction on two CDs. The talk CD format allows you to follow along with the tax forms in your hand or online, and for the visually challenged to avoid reading pages of small print. And of course, it's tax deductable!

$18.00 Includes Shipping