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~EMCI Range Expander D-10 fully loaded ~
One of the holy grail guitars for great tone!
Welded-frame EMCI RangeXpander, Beautiful rosewood mica. Completely rebuilt, cleaned, re-rodded with all new O rings, new original RARE pushbutton neck selector switch, new legs.  Has a few scuffs and dings, but looks fantastic overall as you can see, and with the original George L's E-66 pickups, has fantastic tone.
Standard 8 pedal setup with Emmons setup E-9 pedals, LKL Es to F, LKV 5th string B-Bb, LKR Lowers Es, RKL string 1 F#-G#, string 2 D#-E and 6th string G#-F#, also raises C6 3rd string C-C#. RKR lowers 2nd string D#-D/C#, 9th string D-C#, and C6 3rd string C-B. Sixth (center) knee lever raises C6 4th string A- Bb.
All changes smooth and balanced. Of course the whole copedant is very easy to change. Includes the Carter style extra finger for half stops (you can see the endplate slot). Mica is in great shiny condition with original mica on the pedal board, which often disappears on these guitars. The tone is amazing- there are Utube clips of this guitar being played onstage with Ray Price, any of you who have my recent Emmons style CD courses will have heard this guitar on those. Includes new Cush Case. Just a great sounding axe with a fully-loaded pro setup.

~Sold, check back for new deals later!~