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Hanging out with Dave Daniels at Music Farm Studios during the recording of his album "Songs From Stone Mountain"
I love recording just as much as live performance; it involves a completely different set of skills and experiences.  Some recordings are done right off the cuff, like a live show, others involve great planning and detail. Some of my more recent studio adventures include:
Jan:  Composing and Recording a Jingle for Yellawood Lumber's website.  A fun lil' swing tune!  Tracking a bunch of tunes with Micah Lapidus here at the Music Farm.

Feb:  Internet Sessions for "Georgia" (the band!)  MSW studios with Whiskey Gentry,  Bruce Bennet Studios with Scott Patton,  live recording with St. Francis at the Cox Capital Theatre in Macon, and Music Farm Sessions with Mike Killeen.

Mar:  Finishing up tracks with Alaska's Nate Montgomery for his new album at Music Farm.

Apr:  Cornelia Studios with Greg Merritt,  a crazy fun session at Doppler Studios for the Squidbillys' Special, and live recording of the multi-band jam at Fran's and my wedding!

May:  S.A.E. Studios for a comedy album with Josh Harris, starting an album project with Steve Kern  here at Music Farm.

June:  Bruce Bennett Studios with Andy Lee White, starting an album project with the Internationals here at Music Farm.

July:  More Music Farm dates with Steve Kern, John Parker, and the Internationals

Aug:  Black Star Studios for Corey Smith's new album, a new project for Mike Killeen here at Music Farm, along with ongoing tracking for The Internationals, Steve Kern, and the release of the live recording of me sitting in with Govt. Mule on N.Y.E. 1999!

Feb: Laying Steel tracks for Shane Millwood's new album and  tracking for the new Johann Greco album at Music Farm for Chromatone Intermedia Records.Outstanding original rock-  look out for these guys- they're gonna be huge!  Also working on basic tracks for Saint Francis at OmniSound Studios Nashville.

March/ April: More sessions for Johann, Steve Kern, Bill Schultz, Tedo Stone, and Saint Francis. Whew!

June/ July: New projects for Kristen Englenz and Steve Kern, tracking vocals at Paradise Studios in Sacramento for Johann.

Sept./ Oct: Tracking and mixing a new project for rockers Velvet City Mercy, new stuff for Alex Hardwick, Bill Schultz, and Headin' West.

We're currently finishing mixing the new Saint Francis album for Chromatone Intermedia- This is going to be an amazing recording!
I've written some pieces for various media on working in the recording studio, including Gig Magazine, Pedal steel .US magazine, and the P.S.G.A. magazine.  I hope they're helpful!
Make sure to stop by  the website for my recording studio at Music Farm Recording to see what we're up to or book a session! Just Click Here!